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Dartmouth Lakes Advisory Board (Archived)


1. Purpose: The Dartmouth Lakes Advisory Board advises the Halifax Regional Municipality through the Harbour East Community Council on all matters relating to the lakes, natural waterways and their watersheds under the jurisdiction of the HECC, with the exception of lands within the Lake Major Watershed. Advice provided covers both environmental and safety issues.*

2. Composition: The Board shall be composed of representatives nominated by groups using the lakes as a recreational facility, knowledgeable persons from the scientific community and other groups whose interests lie in the same areas. Representatives are to be appointed by Harbour East Community Council.

One councillor of Harbour East Community Council shall be appointed to serve on the Board. In addition, a planner from Community Services shall be appointed to serve on the Board in an advisory capacity.

In order to maintain the necessary balance between essential expertise and citizen representation, each of the following institutions shall be requested to designate nominees, preferably with professional qualifications in the field indicated:

    Bedford Institute of Oceanography (a biologist)

    Defence Research and Development Board (DREA) (a physical scientist)

    InNOVAcorp (a chemist)

    Metro area university (a geographer/geoscientist)

    Nova Scotia Barristers Society (a lawyer)

    Board of School Commissioners (a practising teacher)

and each of the following organizations shall be requested designate a nominee from among its membership:

    Community Planning Association of Canada (Nova Scotia Branch)

    Dartmouth YMCA

    Senobe Aquatic Club

    Abenaki Aquatic Club

    MicMac Amateur Aquatic Club

    Banook Canoe Club

    Urban Development Institute

3. Committees: The Board may appoint subcommittees to deal with specific referrals as needed.

4. Officers: The Board shall have a Chair and Vice-Chair to be elected from among its members at the conclusion of the first meeting in the new calendar year. The Secretary to the Board shall be the staff member appointed pursuant to Clause 2.

5. Meetings: The Board shall meet regularly on the last Wednesday of each month or at the discretion of the Chair. The services of a recording secretary will be provided by the Municipal Clerk's Office of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

6. Relationship to Council: The Board shall make recommendations to the Halifax Regional Municipality and the Harbour East Community Council solely in an advisory capacity. All plans and programs affecting Halifax Regional Municipality lakes, as defined under Clause 1, shall be referred to the Board by the Halifax Regional Municipality through the Harbour East Community Council for its consideration and recommendations.

7. Quorum: 50% of the Board at any given time will constitute a quorum.

8. Appointments: Nominees' names are to be submitted by the nominating institution or organization as requested to the Harbour East Community Council for approval.

The appointment of a councillor shall be made by the Harbour East Community Council as necessary. The term of appointment for a councillor shall be one year. No councillor shall serve on the Board for more than three consecutive one year terms.

All other appointments shall be for three years. In order to maintain a corporate memory, appointees may remain for subsequent terms, if renominated by a designated institution or organization and approved by the Harbour East Community Council.

9. Resignations: Any resignation from the Board shall be tendered in writing to the Chair. The nominating institution or organization shall then be requested to provide a replacement for the remainder of the resigned member's term for approval by the Harbour East Community Council.

10. Absenteeism: In the case of any member missing a number of consecutive meetings without just cause, the appointing institution or organization shall be requested in writing by the Chair of the Board to nominate a replacement. The name of the replacement will be submitted for approval to the Harbour East Community Council.

11. Procedure: The procedure at meeting of the Board shall be governed by the Halifax Regional Municipality Administrative Order #1.

12. Reimbursement of Expenses: Each member of the Board shall serve without remuneration but may be reimbursed by the Harbour East Community Council for any necessary expenses incurred while engaged in official duties.


*REVISED AS TO JURISDICTION NOVEMBER 1, 2001 - HECC approved the incorporation of the new boundaries, as per the Memorandum dated October 31, 2001 and the accompanying map, in the DLAB's Terms of Reference.

*REVISED AS TO QUORUM REQUIREMENT OCTOBER 1, 2009 - HECC approved an amendment to the quorum requirement to allow for 50% of the membership at any given time to constitute a quorum.