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Funding - Municipal Government

Harbour Solutions is funded from two sources: funds contributed by the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia and funds raised through the Environmental Protection charge. Council has determined that one of the fairest means of raising this revenue is through the existing Environmental Protection charge, which is based on water usage by the consumer. The Environmental Protection charge (technically a “levy”) is billed to almost all customers of the Halifax Regional Water Commission and is based purely on consumption. This charge is identified as “Env. Pro.” on your water bill.

This special Environmental Protection Charge was initiated by the former City of Halifax (in the early 1970s) and Dartmouth (in the late 1980s) in order to raise funds for future development of a Harbour Solutions Project. In addition, wastewater maintenance was introduced in the former County of Halifax in 1994 to Consumers in the County area who were served by the Water Utility.

The EP charge was raised to 84.04 cents per cubic meter as of October 1, 2007. Of this charge, 66 cents is dedicated to the Harbour Solutions Project. These funds are deposited into the Environmental Protection Reserve from where the Harbour Solutions Project is funded. Until needed to pay bills, cash balances are invested and generate interest revenues.