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HRM Website Redesign Project

The HRM Website has a new look. Over the past three months, the Marketing and Design Services Section of Shared Services, has developed new guidelines and standards for the HRM website.

This redesign has upgraded the technical capabilities of the site while giving it a professional, consistent, corporate appearance. The site now has diagnostic features to analyse problems, advanced search capabilities and software to track the number and type of visits to our site.

When entering our website, the first impression is one of a people-oriented, user-friendly and well-organized site. It is now possible for users to go from the Homepage to the topic they wish to view with no more than 2 to 3 clicks. There are three ways to do this. The Navigation Bar at the top organizes the site into five segments: Council, Community, Legislation, Notices and Services. As well, there is a Search Box with an advanced Search feature that allows you to simply type in a key word, such as, "Harbour Solutions" to narrow your search. Another exciting feature is the Quick Links Bar that provides a drop-down menu of frequently used pages. On your travels through our site, simply clicking the HRM logo, which appears on every page, will take you back to the Homepage.

The side columns of the Homepage are dedicated to communicating important messages and current events. The left column features a message from the mayor while the right column will feature logos and icons of upcoming municipal events. For example, there is a direct link to the Halifax Visitor's Guide and the Parks and Recreation Services Program Catalogue. In the future, all publications and events of HRM will be present on the site.

Through the redesign, we have developed an organizational structure of Page Authors, from each business and service unit, who are being trained and provided with web-editing software so that they can use the HRM standard template to develop and maintain their web pages. Because each business unit will be responsible for the development and maintenance of their site, we are now poised to be flexible and interactive in the provision of information about our services to the public and in responding to their inquiries and concerns.

Many of our business and service units now have a presence on the site. As more Page Authors are appointed and trained, over the next couple of months, all of the units will be online.

This redesign of the website will now provide an interactive communication tool to enable all units of the Corporation to provide information to the public and solicit their feedback. The website will provide a valuable medium to assist us in implementing the business strategies that have been developed for the Halifax Regional Municipality for the next three to five years that emphasize communication with our citizens.

We encourage you to visit the site and provide us with your feedback. Just double click on and explore the site. There is a Send Us Your Comments section available on the Homepage.

Above content last modified Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 10:59am.