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HRM Looks for eco Dollars for Innovative Projects

(Thursday, January 28, 2010) - Halifax Regional Municipality is looking for a little help from its friends in higher places to offset new ways to save energy and plan for a more sustainable future.

In 2007, the Government of Canada provided the Province of Nova Scotia with $42.5 million for funding projects that improve air quality and help address climate change.

Since that time, the municipality has used the Eco Trust money to support a list of projects such as: improving energy efficiency at City Hall and in fire stations throughout the region; and doing natural gas conversions at police headquarters and municipal greenhouses. January 31, 2010 is the deadline for the last applications for the program.

“Our municipality is committed to setting strong examples for climate change action. By leveraging Eco Trust dollars we can make the kind of investments that are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a meaningful way,” said Mayor Peter Kelly.

On Tuesday, Regional Council approved the final $3.35 million in HRM applications for Eco Trust funds, with the understanding that further council approvals will be required as projects unfold if applications are successful. They include:

Green thermal utility - Connect energy from the Alderney 5 facility to Queens Square on Alderney Drive. In Bedford, it will create energy by recovering heat from sewage at the Mill Cove wastewater treatment facility. The energy would be sold to a proposed new residential development adjacent to Mill Cove. Eco Trust request is $2.25 million. HRM funding is $2.25 million.

LED streetlight replacement program - Replace 2008 high pressure sodium light fixtures streetlights with energy efficient LED streetlights. Eco Trust request is $870,000. HRM funding is $670,000, with a further $200,000 to be provided by a Nova Scotia Power assistance program.

Metro Transit fleet fuel efficiency project - Install up to eight fuel-saving mini-hybrid retrofit kits on transit buses. Eco Trust request is $107,980. HRM funding is $107,980.

Electric vehicle infrastructure and test sites - Install electric vehicle charging test sites at three locations including the Alderney complex, Bedford 4-pad arena, and the Canada Games centre. Current regulations would be assessed to determine, among other things, the opportunity for the municipality to sell electricity to electric vehicles at public facilities. Eco Trust request is $75,000. HRM funding is $75,000.

Community energy/sustainability map - Develop an HRM energy map that will allow the municipality to showcase successful sustainability projects completed both corporately and in the community. The map would be built on the examples from other jurisdictions, such as Oregon at, or in Denmark at . Eco Trust request is $100,000. HRM funding is $50,000 with a further $50,000 to come from other participants in the project.



Mayor Peter Kelly

Richard MacLellan
Sustainable Environment Management Office




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