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Use of FeHEDTA Against HRM By-Law P-800

(Thursday, June 24, 2010) HRM residents are advised that using products containing FeHEDTA in the region (i.e. Fiesta, EcoSense Weed B-Gon, etc.) is against the Municipality’s pesticide by-Law. HRM has already notified local retailers directly.

This week, HRM Council rejected the addition of the chemical FeHEDTA to Administrative Order #23 of the region’s Pesticide By-Law P-800 Respecting the Regulation of Pesticides, Herbicides and Insecticides.

FeHEDTA is a chemical composed of iron chelated with hydroxyethylenediaminetriacetic acid that acts as an herbicide, particularly affecting broadleaved plants.

After reviewing submissions from a number of sources, Halifax Regional Council decided there was insufficient evidence on FeHEDTA’s environmental and human health impacts and that the unknown potential risks of applying FeHEDTA as an herbicide outweigh the benefits.

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Claire Simmons
Halifax Regional Municipality



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