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Hurricane Earl: Ball Field and Park Closures

(Friday, September 3, 2010) - Due to the possibility of high winds related to Hurricane Earl, HRM will be taking precautionary measures by temporarily closing sports fields and wooded parks.

All ball diamonds and sport fields will remain open for play on Friday, Sept. 3, however Municipal Operations are currently lowering all netting on ball diamonds (as well as taking down windscreens on courts) as a precautionary measure. Netting will be reinstated early next week as required and as time/schedules permit. HRM will be closing all diamonds and sports fields for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. HRM staff will assess the condition of facilities for damage and debris before fields will be reopened for use. The Field Condition line will be updated on Tuesday, September 7th.

Both the Harbour East and Mainland Common All Weather Sport Facilities are open for play today, but will be closed tomorrow, Saturday, September 4th until 5 pm. Clients will be notified as to when fields will be opening after that time.

Any damages caused to turf as a result of unscheduled or unauthorized use could interfere with field openings. Any use of HRM facilities without the appropriate authorization or when fields are closed will result in fines and possible loss of future scheduling privileges. For additional information please contact your Scheduling Office by calling 490-7100.

All HRM wooded parks will be closed tonight - Friday, Sept. 3 - as of 10 pm (regular closing time) and remain closed until further notice. HRM has over 2000 wooded parks - including Point Pleasant, Shubie Park, The Dingle, Public Gardens, and Hemlock Ravine. A decision to re-open the parks will take place once a post-hurricane damage assessment has been done.



Brian Phelan
Superintendent, Parks and Open Spaces

Shaune Mackinlay
Manager, Public Affairs




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