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Public Service Announcement
Hurricane Earl Clean Up Efforts Underway

(September 5, 2010) HRM’s Emergency Management Office (EMO) has now been de-activated.

HRM Roadways are open and crews continue with clean up efforts. All major parks are currently being assessed. The following parks are open as of noon today: Point Pleasant Park, Public Gardens (no facilities are operating), Shubie Park, Hemlock Ravine, Dillman Park, and Sullivan’s Pond. Flemming Park will be open early this afternoon.

Residents are reminded that private property trees are the responsibility of the owners. Limbs and branches no longer than four feet and no bigger than eight inches around can be bundled and placed curb side for pick up. To assist residents with clean up, the maximum number of bundles has been increased to ten per household. Crews will begin pick up on Tuesday morning.

Due to the recent power outages there had been sewage overflows into several lakes and other water bodies in our region. The public is advised not to swim in the harbour, lakes and other watercourses for three days.

“As the clean up efforts proceed, I would to thank all the crews that have spent many hours on the streets clearing the roads, assessing properties and restoring the power. I continue to be impressed by the professional and coordinated response that we achieved with all our agencies working together. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all HRM residents for their patience while the clean up continues,” said Mayor Peter Kelly.

Residents can continue to contact the HRM Call Center at 490-4000 until 7:00pm this evening.

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Jennifer Church
HRM Communications
401-7547 (cell)



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