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Municipality Conducts First Peninsular “Bike Count”

(Tuesday, September 21, 2010) - A Peninsula Halifax bike count held earlier this week, was timely given tomorrow’s status as International Car-Free Day. During the morning and afternoon peak traffic periods, volunteers counted all the bicyclists that crossed Quinpool and Cogswell Streets, a line which bisects the Halifax peninsula. The purpose of the count was to establish a baseline volume of cyclists and begin a program to monitor trends in travel (cycling) choices.

By understanding if numbers of cyclists are increasing or decreasing, HRM will be able to gauge the relative success of municipal efforts aimed at implementing the HRM Active Transportation Plan by improving cycling infrastructure. HRM has already collected this data for bicycle trips on to and off of the peninsula in the past, so this will add to the municipality’s understanding of cycling choices throughout HRM.

Preliminary survey results are in and 817 cyclists crossed the screenline in the two-hour period from 4pm to 6pm on Monday afternoon and 624 crossed the screenline during the AM peak (7-9am) on Tuesday, September 21st.



Hanita Koblents
TDM Coordinator
HRM Traffic & Right of Way Services
Phone: (902) 490-8474




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