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Halifax Regional Council Provides Budget Direction

(Dec. 14, 2010) Council today (Dec. 14) passed a motion providing staff with direction as to how to proceed in drafting HRM’s 2011-12 Budget.

Staff has been asked to balance the 2011-12 and 2012-13 budgets based on assumptions presented which Council will debate when tabled. It was also indicated that:

• Next year's expenditure growth must fall between Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Municipal Price Index (MPI); and

• For 2011/2012, services will be reduced by $3 million and the capital from operating budget will be adjusted to be based only on what can be spent next year.

Alternative service delivery options including, but not limited to contracting out, will also be explored.

As to the general tax rate, Council asked staff to present three options:
1) hold the general rate flat;
2) allow for CPI growth;
3) allow for between CPI and MPI; and

to present any impacts on services under the three options.

Staff will report back to Council in January as to the service implications of these options. In addition, the Finance and Audit Standing Committee of Council will be engaged to enhance Council's involvement.

A draft budget for debate by Regional Council will be provided in Spring 2011.



Mayor Peter Kelly
Halifax Regional Municipality




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