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Installation of Solar Hot Air Panels in Rural Community Centres

(Wednesday, December 22, 2010) - Within the last month solar hot air panels have been installed in two rural Community Centres: the Moser River Community Centre and the Grand Desert Community Centre.

“The community groups operating these facilities can potentially save hundreds of dollars in annual energy costs and demonstrate a simple form of renewable energy in their areas”, said District 1 Councillor Steve Streatch.

A number of additional community facilities with good solar potential have been selected and installations will continue in 2011. With funding from the Sustainable Communities Reserve, the municipality intends to spend approximately $20,000 putting up Solar Hot Air Panels on a number of HRM owned Community Facilities. The intent of the project is to reduce the operating costs of the facilities for the community groups and to increase knowledge in the community of renewable energy solutions.

“These installations are a testament to HRM’s commitment to progressive adoption and community incubation of renewable energy solutions”, said District 3 Councillor David Hendsbee.

Solar hot air panels are designed for supplemental room heating when the sun is shining. Air is drawn through the unit, heated up and pushed back into the room without electrical assistance. The unit is self-powered. These panels do not heat domestic hot water and are different from the Solar City initiative.

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Steve Streatch, HRM Councillor District 1, phone 497-2995, email-
David Hendsbee, HRM Councillor District 3, phone 829-2465,
Richard MacLellan, phone 490-6056,




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