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Public Service Announcement

HRM encourages residents to keep our environment in mind during the holiday season

(Thursday, December 23, 2010) The holidays are a time for giving, but did you know that up to 25% more waste is generated during this season then at any other time of the year?

HRM Solid Waste Resources has some tips on how residents can give during the holiday season and still keep the environment in mind:

• Natural Christmas trees will be picked up with your green cart on regular organics collection day/week.

• Trees must be free of plastic, tinsel, ornaments, metal rings, nails, stands and plastic tree-bags.
• Paper gift wrap is recyclable and should be placed in a retail, grocery or clear bag for recycling. Please remove all ribbon and bows.
• Non-paper gift wrap, ribbon, bows and foil wrap cannot be recycled and should be placed in the garbage.
• Corrugated cardboard should be bundled and placed beside your blue bag.
• Boxboard (shoe and cereal type boxes) should be placed in your green cart
• Save gift wrap, bows, ribbons, cards etc. for use next year. Give old toys and clothing to a charitable organization instead of throwing them away.
• Compost or mulch your greenery (boughs, tree etc..)
• Wreaths with metal wire frame or plastic cord should be placed in your garbage bag.

For more information on ‘What Goes Where’ and other Holiday Tips, visit our website at or call 490-4000.




Shannon Betts
HRM Solid Waste Resources
(902) 490-7153




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