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Council Supports the Development of New Convention Centre

(Tuesday, November 9, 2010) - With an approved direction from Regional Council, HRM will now move forward to negotiate with the Province toward the development of a new Convention Centre.

The motion approved by a 22-2 vote of Council states, that Regional Council:

1) Support the development of a new convention centre, pending the conclusion of successful negotiations with the Province and the Federal Government.

2) Direct staff to enter into negotiations with the Province based on the conditions included in the incamera presentation of November 9, 2010.

3) Not release the in-camera presentation until after any negotiations for a new convention centre are concluded

4) Immediately release all public information on HRM’s website

Mayor Peter Kelly noted that with Council’s motion, HRM can now work toward replacing an aging and undersized facility with a new one of more than 306,000 square feet to be built by Rank Inc.. A privately- funded financial and residential tower and hotel would be built by Rank on the same site.

“The evidence presented shows the business case is there for government to support a replacement for the existing World Trade and Convention Centre,” said Mayor Kelly. “We will be seeking a deal with the province, federal government, and the proponent that benefits the downtown, the economy of our region and the province, and is financially acceptable to our citizens.”

HRM will immediately commence talks with the Province in order to move the project forward.

The government of Nova Scotia announced its intention to support the convention centre in October and made its initial financial request for shared support from the municipality and the federal government mid-month.

For more information on the proposed convention centre, please visit: .




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