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Solid Waste Resource Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

On February 22, 1996, Halifax Regional Council approved the following motion which was put forward by Councillor Reg Rankin (District 21), seconded by Councillor Barry Barnet (District 19):
  1. a special committee of the Council be hereby established, to be known as the Solid Waste/Resource Advisory Committee;

  2. the special committee be comprised of the Mayor and eight (8) members of the Council;

  3. the Chair of the special committee will be selected by the Committee from among its members;

  4. the mandate of the special committee will be to advise the Halifax Regional Council respecting solid waste management, including responsibility to receive reports and to keep the Council informed respecting all matters relating to the solid waste mana gement program currently under development.

Councillor Cooper made reference to the public consultation process which has been used to date during the development of the waste management strategy, and expressed concern that a similar commitment to public participation was not evident in the moti on.

An amendment was therefore proposed by Councillor Cooper (and accepted by Councillors Rankin and Barnet, the mover and seconder of the original motion); namely, that the provision that "consultation with the public will be a mandatory component of the committee's decision-making process."

The motion, as amended, was put and passed.

The following eight members of Council indicated their willingness to serve on the Solid Waste/Resource Advisory Committee: Councillors Rankin, Cooper, Barnet, Epstein, Blumenthal, Mitchell, Walker and Schofield.


Beginning on February 28, reports and recommendations from the Solid Waste/Resource Advisory Committee have been a regular component of Halifax Regional Council meeting agendas.