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Harbour East Community Council January 30, 1997 Agenda


Councillor Bruce Hetherington, Chair
Deputy Mayor Jack Greenough
Councillor Condo Sarto
Councillor Clint Schofield
Councillor John Cunningham


Councillor Ron Cooper, Vice-Chair
Councillor Harry McInroy


Roger Wells, Planner
Blair Blakeney, Supt of Plan & Policy
Julia Horncastle, Assistant Municipal Clerk


1. Call to order

2. Dartmouth Waterfront Project

3. Adjournment


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with an invocation.


Mr. Roger Wells, Planner, with the aid of a conceptual drawing, presented the proposed project.

Mr. Robert Parker, Robert Parker and Associates, outlined primary components of the project.

Mr. Richard Neima outlined the role of the Citizens Advisory Committee.

Mr. Peter Flemming, Admiralty Place, stated the residents of Admiralty Place endorse the project but are opposed to the skating path and the proposed location of the activity centre. He asked why the location of the childrens activity centre was proposed next to Dartmouth Cove where there are train tracks which, to his knowledge, are not maintained by CN. He said he is concerned as to whether enough consideration has been given to the ongoing operating costs of the outdoor skating facility. He stated there are concerns with summer usage of the skating facility by skateboarders and also expressed concerns with the potential for crime.

Ms. Breeze, Admiralty Place, stated she is concerned with the potential increase in noise levels if a number of trees are removed as well as the intrusive brightness of lighting. She also questioned the availability of monies to develop the project.

Mr. Alan Ruffman, Fergusons Cove, expressed concern that a sewage treatment facility may be built in the area of the proposed childrens play area. He said he is concerned with the loss of "down the street views" which may result from this development. He suggested vendors be located within the ferry terminal building. He stated the proposed skating facility could serve a dual purpose, ice skating in winter and in-line skating in summer.

Ms. Margaret Needler, Admiralty Place, said she is concerned with the development blocking the view of the harbour and that the market activities should be improved with the location for the play area being located closer to other activities.

A resident, Admiralty Place, said he would be more in agreement with the project if assurances could be given that once the facility is built it will be maintained and policed. He said the residents are not against the development but lack the confidence that the community will be able to provide the ongoing funding required to keep a project like this safe. He said he questions the validity of spending a large amount of money to improve facilities when there is not a population base to support it. He noted the traffic pattern within Alderney Gate will have to be studied. He also expressed concerns with the possibility of having the view of the harbour blocked.

Ms. Linda Hodgins, Shore Road, said she was in favour of any project that would bring people to the downtown area.

Mr. Bill Young stated he feels the rink will be an intrusion in the park. He also expressed concerns regarding the open unprotected railway line. He suggested a review be made of traffic patterns.

Ms. Anne Hillis, Admiralty Place, stated she also feels the marketplace development will cut of the view of the harbour.

(Councillor Sarto left the meeting at 8:20 p.m.)

Ms. Margaret Needler, Admiralty Place, suggested the market not be located downtown.

Mr. Bill Young stated there may not be any room for expansion if this project is successful and he noted there has been no discussions on how this project would tie in with the library. He stated all aspects of the proposal need to be tied together in some way with consideration being given to the provision of parking.

Ms. Joan Fetterley, Admiralty Place, expressed concerns with brightness of lighting of the rink being obtrusive to the residents of Admiralty Place.

Ms. Linda Shafner, Shore Road, suggested the boardwalks be connected in some way.

Ms. Barb Mackenzie suggested the craft shop and market be combined in one building.

Councillor Hetherington stated a letter would be written to CN requesting a maintenance check on the rail line from Dartmouth Cove to Shore Drive.


MOVED by Councillors Cunningham and Schofield that the meeting be adjourned at 9:00 p.m. MOTION PUT AND PASSED.

Julia Horncastle 

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