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McInroy Urges Public to Find Out More About Proposed Sign By-law

(Thursday, February 24/05)-- Cole Harbour Councillor Harry McInroy today urged local businesses and organizations to seek factual information from the municipality before making up their minds about HRM’s proposed new sign by-law.

Councillor McInroy said he understands that a local company is offering temporary sign boards free-of-charge to businesses in the Cole Harbour area if they agree to carry a message opposing changes to the current regulations.

The District 4 Councillor said he has spoken to a few of the local businesses involved and he believes that they were misinformed about the proposed changes regarding temporary signs.

“I explained what the changes to the new by-law would mean to them, and it was the complete opposite of what they were apparently told. The municipality has held a series of public information meetings throughout HRM regarding proposed changes to the by-law....and I urge residents to get factual information about the changes before they make up their minds,” he said.

There are two basic types of signs used by the public and business community in HRM to advertise goods, services and events: permanent signs (ground signs, billboards etc.) and temporary signs (mobiles, sandwich boards, banners and posters.)

Of the existing regulations applied to both types of signs, HRM has identified the need to revise temporary sign regulations to reflect their usage and impact on street scapes. This will be done through a proposed new licensing by-law for such signs, and the removal of existing temporary sign regulations from various land-use by-laws and sign ordinances.

For more information about the proposed sign by-law, please contact 490-4472.


Councillor Harry McInroy
(902) 221-4805

John O'Brien
Corporate Communications Officer
(902) 490-6531




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