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Uteck & Fougere Say Residents Should Wait Until Halifax Trucking Options Study Complete

(Tuesday, March 1, 2005) - Councillors Sue Uteck and Sheila Fougere urge Peninsular residents not to jump to conclusions regarding the proposed CN Railcut study. They would like to emphasize that currently the only proposal is a study of the facts.

"It is unfortunate that an anonymous letter has residents up in arms about a proposed trucking route in the rail cut. Although this is one part of the study, other options include the potential for the creation of an inland multi-modal terminal to which containers could be shuttled by train from the Port, and the potential for bus rapid transit. This exercise will gather facts and allow us to logically assess the economic reality and recommend or discount any suggestion to use the rail cut for alternative purposes", say Uteck and Fougere.

Halifax Regional Council as part of the Regional Plan endorsed this study last April.

Councillor Uteck concluded, "Once the study is completed this summer and before any decision is made in regards to any action along the rail cut, HRM would hold extensive public consultation sessions. Residents will be given an opportunity to voice their opinions based on detailed information which will come out of this fact finding exercise."

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Councillor Sue Uteck
District 13
(902) 221-7651




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