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HRM Open Projects artist to give performances at Point Pleasant Park

Monday, May 14, 2012 – Artists and musicians will combine talents for a number of free public performances at Point Pleasant Park this week. Audiences are invited to experience Lisa Lipton`s Window Ballet 2 at the park`s Gatekeeper`s Lodge.

Lisa`s original Window Ballet debuted in 2010 during Halifax’s Nocturne: Art at Night. She is remounting and designing a performance specifically for the windows of the Gatekeeper’s Lodge in Point Pleasant Park. Each window can be read as an “act” in a play, a portion of a larger narrative that will be read at night, one window at a time. The audiences will view the performance from the perspective of the Lodge’s lawn, and follow its progression from one room to the next.

The presentation includes musical compositions by Victoria Parker and Lisa Lipton, Jfm (Jesse Frank Matthews), Evan Cardwell, Ryan Allen, SpaceandTime (Justin Karas), Alana Yorke and Ian Bent, Ann Denny and Jess Lewis. Contributing visual artists include Eleanor King, Joel Apple, Maggie Boyd, Sherry Lynn Jollymore and Lisa Lipton.

Performers include Laura Peek, Tim Dunn, Sam Sternberg, Aaron Sinclair, Daina Travenier, Aaron Fraser, Amy Belanger, Ben Gallagher, Justin Karas, Claire Seringhause, Nick Shaw, Dave Ewenson, Alana Yorke, Ian Bent, Rebecca Zolkower, Bob Redmond, Bethany Riordan-Butterworth, Jesse Frank Matthews, Kayla Conoley, Dan Joy, Lucia Stephen, Simon Manzer, Veronica Simmonds, Evan Cardwell and more.



Window Ballet 2: Electric Boogaloo by Lisa Lipton - free public performances



Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19. There will be two performances each night - the first starts at 9 p.m., the second at 10 p.m.


Where: Gatekeeper's Lodge, Point Pleasant Park (near the upper entrance of Point Pleasant Park, 5718 Point Pleasant Drive, Halifax)


This project is supported by HRM Open Projects. For more information about Open Projects visit; for more information about Lisa Lipton visit


Siobhan Wiggans, Community Arts Programmer
Recreation and Culture
Community and Recreation Services
(902) 490-5739




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