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Halifax Regional Municipality Tables the 2012/13 Budget

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 – Today, Chief Administrative Officer Richard Butts tabled the proposed 2012/13 budget for the Halifax Regional Municipality. The proposed budget recommends a tax rate reduction for residential and commercial property owners and emphasizes Council’s priority area of increased transit service in the region.

“The recommendations outlined in this budget clearly address Council’s direction to set the general tax rates and transit tax rates so that the average tax bill per single-family home does not increase,” said CAO Richard Butts. “The rates actually decline slightly for both residential and commercial property owners.”

A $788 million gross Operating Budget and a gross Capital Budget of $132 million is being proposed.


In the presentation, Mr. Butts focused attention on what the proposed budget would mean for HRM citizens. If approved, residents would see a 311 call centre implemented, appropriate funding for snow and ice removal, transit service extended to Porter’s Lake and the airport and improvements to infrastructure.


“Significant and necessary service-delivery enhancements have been addressed through these recommendations,” said Mr. Butts. “And what’s notable here is that HRM has continued to respect the need to find efficiencies without compromising citizen needs and wants.”

As per Council’s direction, HRM will continue to make a significant investment in transit. Over the last couple of years there has been a growing focus on transit throughout the region to support the regional plan. This budget would see the number of transit routes, buses and services rise dramatically.


“Council has made it clear that a more effective, efficient transit service for residents is essential,” said Acting Chief Financial Officer Greg Keefe. “That direction has put our budget focus on providing additional transit services while continuing to improve cost efficiencies.”


The proposed budget also takes into account service expansions which include a new Bedford-Hammonds Plains Community Centre, Phase 2 of the Emera Oval and the Central Library construction.


Halifax Regional Council is scheduled to debate the proposed budget starting on April 2, 2012.

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Richard Butts, Chief Administrative Officer 
Halifax Regional Municipality

Greg Keefe, Acting Chief Financial Officer 
Halifax Regional Municipality




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