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HRM lifts open air burning ban; cautions risk of mulch fires


Friday, Aug. 3, 2012 (Halifax, NS) – Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency (HRFE) has lifted the open air burning ban. Residents are reminded to follow the guidelines set out in By-Law O - 109 Respecting Open Air Burning.

HRFE warns that the use of bark mulch in and around homes and other structures can be a serious fire threat. These fires are particularly dangerous due to the proximity of the mulch to homes and structures.

Factors affecting the possibility of mulch fires include below-average rainfall, dry conditions, and warm temperatures. However, the most common cause of mulch fires is human carelessness.

HRFE recommends following these guidelines to reduce the potential for a fire in landscaping mulch:

  • Limit the amount of mulch used within the immediate area of your home and structures. A clearance of 18" is recommended.
  • Recognize as the weather gets hot, the mulch will become dry, which enables these fires to start more readily. Consider watering mulch located near any buildings during dry conditions.
  • If you smoke, be careful when discarding smoking material in and around mulch areas.


For more information on fire prevention and safety measures, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 490-5546 or visit







David Burnet

Divisional Chief, Fire Prevention






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