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Natural gas pipeline trench reinstatement –

Armdale Roundabout and Herring Cove Road


The construction will affect the following areas:

All approaches to the Armdale Roundabout

Herring Cove Road from the Roundabout to Purcells Cove Road

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 (Halifax, NS) – Final reinstatement work will be completed in the trench area affected by the new natural gas main through the Armdale Roundabout this weekend. The pipe installation is complete and the contractors will return to cut out the proper depth and pave the affected sections permanently.

The majority of reinstatement will take place on Saturday, Oct. 13. There are two sections of roadway that require paving: the entrance and exit to the Roundabout at Chebucto Road, and Herring Cove Road from the Roundabout to Purcells Cove Road.

During construction at Chebucto Road, all approaches to the roundabout will be reduced to one lane. This is necessary to avoid conflicts where motorists may have to change lanes in the roundabout as exit lanes are affected by the work. Motorists approaching the circle must yield to all traffic in the circle.

During the construction on Herring Cove Road, Herring Cove Road will be closed to inbound traffic (direction from Purcells Cove Road to the Roundabout). Inbound traffic will be detoured from Purcells Cove Road to Cowie Hill Road, Northwest Arm Drive, St. Margarets Bay Road, to the Roundabout. Herring Cove Road traffic will also be detoured at Cowie Hill Road and along the same route. Signage will be in place along the detour route. Outbound traffic (from the Roundabout toward Purcells Cove Road) will not be affected.

It is anticipated that a small section of the Herring Cove Road paving will not be completed this weekend, but this will be in a section where only one working lane is required. The remainder of the paving will be completed during weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. While working on the weekdays, the contractor will keep two lanes open to traffic at all times, one inbound and one outbound.

Heritage Gas and HRM apologize for any inconvenience.



Ernest Douglas, Construction Inspector

Heritage Gas


Derek Flaherty

Sackville Trenching


Heritage Gas Customer Service


HRM Right of Way Services


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