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Regional Council expected to amend administrative order for HRM Appeals Standing Committee

(March 20, 2012) - At Halifax Regional Council today a notice of motion will be tabled to amend Administrative Order No. 30 and other by-laws to expand the mandate of the Appeals Standing Committee and its Terms of Reference.

In early March 2012, the committee became aware that the administrative amendments to move the dangerous and unsightly functions of the Appeals Committee had been overlooked. Accordingly, items on the March 8, 2012 agenda were adjourned.

An administrative oversight occurred when the committee first convened in January 2011 and was recently discovered. HRM is now taking the steps to expand the committee’s mandate, which is expected to be complete by April 17, 2012.

HRM is currently contacting all potentially affected property owners to advise them of the administrative error. More information will be available once this activity is underway.



Shaune MacKinlay

HRM Public Affairs





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