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From the Chief Negotiator

HRM Willing to Meet "At Any Time" With Outside Workers

(Thursday, January 7/99)-- Halifax Regional Municipality is willing to meet at any time with CUPE Local 108 of the Halifax Civic Workers Union to reach a fair and reasonable contract agreement with its outside workers.

David Reid, HRM's Chief Labour Negotiator, said it was not the municipality that made the decision to cancel a planned meeting between the sides tomorrow (Friday, January 8th).

Mr. Reid said he contacted Larry Power, bargaining Agent for CUPE Local 108, on Wednesday to give him a "heads up" that HRM was not prepared to make another monetary offer. Mr. Power essentially said that the Union's position had not changed and they wanted:

a) HRM to increase its wage offer to outside workers

b) HRM to change its position on contracting out services in its Ice and Snow Control program.

"At that point, it became quite clear to both of us that a meeting would be a waste of time and both agreed to cancel it." said Mr. Reid.

" As I have said in the past, HRM and Local 108 are far apart on the wage issue and the municipality will only entertain a new wage figure from the union 'if it is in our ballpark."

Mr. Reid said "Bargaining is a two-way street and we have resolved most of the issues that were on the table. Now, it's down to money and contracting out.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Power always seems to accuse HRM of refusing to bargain when he doesn't get what he wants. The municipality's current financial status is pretty clear. We have a responsibility to treat our employees fairly, but we also have a responsibility to the taxpayer to negotiate the best deal that we can get, based on our financial resources, " he said.

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David Reid
HRM Chief Negotiator

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