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Councillor Urges School Board to Cut "Administrative Fat"

(Tuesday, February 22/2000)-- Councillor Keith Colwell said today it's time that the Halifax Regional School Board started looking at cutting administrative costs," rather than holding students up to ransom every year."

The District 3 Councillor said "It should be the responsibility of the regional school board to ensure that every cent of its budget is spent in the classroom, for the benefit of students-- not to be continually covering the costs of a huge administration."

The Preston/Porter's Lake Councillor commended Halifax Regional School Board member Grace Walker for her request that the board's central-office staff be reduced by 20 per cent.

"This is the first time that I have ever heard a school board member mentioning the administration when it comes to cutting costs. I applaud her frankness and I encourage her to pursue this refreshing approach to bringing education costs in line, " Mr. Colwell said.

The Councillor said it is his impression that the regional school board has for too long concentrated on protecting "the fat" in the administration, rather than focussing on the real objective of the education system- to teach students and prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

"Every time the school board runs into trouble with its budget, it always raises the old threat of having to get rid of more teachers. I believe that the public sees through that threat and expects more from its school board. They always seem to talk innovation and the need to find new and better ways to do business. I would like to see those sentiments put into practice, " Councillor Colwell said.

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Councillor Keith Colwell
District 3 (Preston/Porter's Lake)
(902) 497-3380

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