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Councillor Stephen Adams, District 18

March 7, 2000

Ms. Stella Campbell, Chair
Halifax Regional School Board
90 Alderney Drive
Dartmouth, N.S. B2Y 4S8

Dear Ms. Campbell,

I am writing in response to your "Open Letter to the Public on Supplementary Funding," dated March 2000. With the greatest respect, I must say that the letter was one of the most irresponsible pieces of literature that I have ever seen. Terms, such as "systematically discriminate," "fundamentally unfair," "morally wrong," and "shameful inequity" are sad attempts at sensationalizing an issue.

The first proposal set forth by the School Board would be seen a cut of approximately 50 per cent to the funding for each student in Halifax after three years; but "equity" would have been achieved.

The second proposal would have maintained the same funding level for Halifax children for the first three years. Then, it would have decreased to a common level; again, achieving "equity". Obviously, you and I differ on the definition of "equity."

The same School Board who holds Supplementary Funding so sacred made a conscious decision to eliminate 100 per cent of the Supplementary Funding afforded 67 children at Holly Drive School in Spryfield. Even a request by myself to allow in some way for this funding to follow these children to William King School was denied, simply by hiding behind legislation. If the School Board was serious about this issue, it would have come forward with suggestions on how to achieve this goal.

I support Supplementary Funding. Further, I will take steps to implement Supplementary Funding in the former County of Halifax area of District 18 (even if Council decides not to implement this across HRM). However, based on previous spending practices of the School Board and its definition of "equity," I am hesitant to allow it to administer these monies.


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