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April 28, 2000 - District Funds


(Friday, April 28/2000)-- An article entitled "Few Details in Report on Councillors Spending" which was published in today's edition of The Chronicle-Herald contained misleading information regarding the expenditure of discretionary funding by some members of Regional Council.

In a boxed sidebar entitled "Other," the report claimed that 15 Councillors were responsible for the expenditure of a total of $57,772 in discretionary funding and listed under the category of "other."

The list included Councillors Steve Streatch ($8,850); Councillor Keith Colwell ($907); Councillor David Merrigan ($6,000); and Councillor Sue Uteck ($1,000).

In fact, none of these Councillors were responsible for the expenditure of any discretionary funding in their respective Districts for the period reported. Any such expenditures should have been attributed to their predecessors on Council.

Councillors Streatch, Colwell and Merrigan were elected to Council in by-elections held on October 30, 1999. Councillor Sue Uteck was not elected to Council until a by-election held on December 11, 1999. All expenditures were dated prior to these dates.

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John O'Brien
Corporate Communications Officer
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