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May 24, 2000 - North End Park Soon Available to Dogs Off-Leash

News Release

North End Park Soon Available to Dogs Off-Leash

(Wednesday, May 24/2000)-- Dog owners in the Halifax area will soon have another park area to exercise their pets off-leash.

North End Councillor Jerry Blumenthal requested staff to examine the possibility of designating the western portion of Seaview Park, closest to the Fairview Container Terminal, as a "Dog Zone" where owners could allow their dogs to run off-leash.

In addition, Councillor Blumenthal discussed the issue with Irvine Carvery, president of the Africville Genealogical Society and he endorsed the proposal. However, it is understood that dogs must be on-leash while in the eastern portion of the park, particularly in the vicinity of the Memorial to The First Black Settlers.

Councillor Blumenthal said he sought the designation at Seaview Park in light of the increasing pressure on Point Pleasant Park, in south end Halifax. Point Pleasant is the only designated off-leash park in the municipality and experiences more than 300,000 dog visits per year.

"It wasn't fair to let the present situation continue at Point Pleasant Park. They must be other venues for people to walk and exercise their dogs, so I thought that Seaview Park would be a good place to start, " he said.

Appropriate signage will be erected at Seaview Park in the next few days and the western portion of the park will be available for dogs off-leash, effective Monday, May 29th.


Councillor Jerry Blumenthal
(902) 488-4811