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Earth Education Guru Comes to HRM

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Earth Education Guru Comes to HRM

(Wednesday, June 7/2000)-- Steve Van Matre, the so-called grandfather of Earth Education, is coming to HRM this month to lead his popular workshop on the process of helping people to live more harmoniously and joyously with the natural world.

The workshop will take place on June 17 and 18 at the Fairbanks Center in Shubie Park, in Dartmouth. Earth Education is based on helping children and youth make connections with the earth, learn how the earth's ecological processes work, and change their lifestyles to have less impact on our environment.

Steve Van Matre is a former professor of Environmental Education and the co-founder and Chairman of the Institute for Earth Education, an international, non-profit educational organization made up of a volunteer network of individuals and member organizations committed to fostering earth education programs throughout the world.

Mr. Van Matre has served as a youth leader, schoolteacher, camp director, and educational consultant. He has a world-wide reputation as an outstanding leader in the field of earth education and has conducted over 800 training sessions and completed 12 world speaking tours. He has published several books including Earth Education: A New Beginning (1990).

This workshop is sponsored by the Halifax Parks and Recreation Regional Outdoor Center, the HeartWood Institute, and the Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission. To register for the workshop or to get advance tickets for the keynote speech, please call (902) 490-4520 or (902) 490-4584 or e-mail

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