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Council Re-Affirms P-3 Approach

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Council Re-Affirms P-3 Approach

(Tuesday, July 11/2000)-- Halifax Regional Council has re-affirmed its position to proceed with a public/private partnership to design, build and operate the proposed $315 million Harbour Solutions Project.

To ensure that HRM will achieve the lowest possible contract price, the Harbour Solutions Project Team and an independent third party have prepared a Shadow or Reference Bid.

Regional Council agreed that the Shadow or Reference Bid being prepared as a comparator (as if the project was being undertaken by the municipality) would be submitted to HRM at the same time that private sector proponents tendering on the project submitted their bids.

The final Request for Proposals (RFP) went out to the three private sector consortia bidding on the project on May 31st. The deadline for all responses to that RFP has been set for September 19th. Once the bids have been analysed and compared to the Shadow Bid, it is anticipated that HRM would enter into negotiations with the successful bidder for a formal contract, which will be approved by Council.

This process will enable the Project Team and Council to compare the private sector bids against what it would cost for the municipality to undertake the project.

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Maurice Lloyd
Project Coordinator, Harbour Solutions Project
(902) 490-4549