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Morris Lake Advisory still in Effect


Morris lake Advisory Still in Effect

(Friday, September 8/2000)-- There was a sewage overflow earlier this week into Morris Lake from the municipality's sewage pumping station, located at the north end of the lake in Portland Estates. Once the overflow was discovered, staff acted immediately to control the overflow and to clean up the pumping station site.

The previous advisory for residents and other users of the lake to not swim in the lake or to use the lake for any other recreational purpose such as fishing, boating, etc, is still in effect, and will remain in effect until further notice.

Morris Lake flows into a brook, at the south end of the lake. The brook flows under Caldwell Road, near Atholea Drive and then continues in a southerly direction before entering Cow Bay, near Cleary Drive. Residents and others are also advised to not swim in the brook or to use the brook for any other recreational purpose such as fishing, boating, etc, until further notice.

Signs advising against using the lake are being posted at various locations adjacent to the lake.

The CFB Shearwater Airshow is scheduled for this weekend, and HRM has been asked by a number of people whether they can boat on the lake to view the Airshow. Citizens are advised not toboat on the lake this weekend, or until further notice.

HRM has identified properties with wells which may be at risk of contamination from the sewer overflow. The owners have been advised to not use their wells and have been provided with other relevant information. Further investigations are being conducted today to determine whether any other wells might be at risk.

Any resident who uses Morris Lake or the brook and/or has a well for drinking water in the immediate vicinity, should immediately contact the Halifax Regional Municipality at 490-6950 (or 490-4000 after hours), or the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment at 424-7773 (or 426-6030 after hours).

HRM is carrying out investigations and has initiated a sampling program to monitor the effect of the overflow. The Department of Environment and the Medical Officer of Health are also monitoring the situation.

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John O'Brien
Corporate Communications Office
(902) 490-6531