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New Process to Save Duplication and Money

(Monday, October 16/2000)-- The Municipal Elections Office has implemented a new voter registration this year which is expected to result on considerable savings to the taxpayers of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

In prior elections and by-elections, separate Voter Registration Cards, advising voters of their Poll Number, Polling Station location and other election information, were mailed to each eligible voter in a household.

For example, this sometimes meant that as many as five or more separate Registration Voter Cards were being delivered by mail to one household, often resulting in considerable duplication of work for the Elections Office, additional printing and materials costs and high postage costs.

In an effort to reduce overall preparation and mailing costs, the Municipal Elections Office introduced a new system for the October general municipal election on October 21st, whereby voter registration information was sent out only to unique address/unique last name.

For example, if Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their three - voting age children, Mary, Harry and Larry, resided in the same household, only one card would be sent to that household, addressed in alphabetical order by first name. However, the information would include the names of all of the eligible voters in that household with the same last name of "Smith". If another person(s) with a different surname(s) resided in the same household, he/she would receive a separate Voter Registration Card.

For additional information on the new Voter Registration process, please contact the elections office at 490-4401, 490-4397.

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