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Park Gates Restored and Reinstalled

(Tuesday, October 31/2000)-- A ceremony was held this morning to mark the restoration and re-installation of the historic ornamental gates at the Young Avenue entrance to Point Pleasant Park.

Thanks to the generous financial support from the HRM Millennium Committee, the gates were restored locally during the past few months and have been reinstalled at their original location.

Jack Keith, Chair of the HRM Millennium Committee, said "The HRM Millennium Committee is proud to support such a worthwhile initiative. Point Pleasant Park has been an important part of Halifax since the first settlers landed here 250 years ago, and will continue to add to the quality of life for citizens of HRM for years to come. The Millennium Committee is happy to be a part of continuing a legacy for the Halifax Region."

Councillor Sue Uteck (District 13-Northwest Arm/South End) said "I am extremely pleased and thankful to the Millennium Committee for their part in the restoration of the gates. Heritage in our municipality is a major attraction for tourists, and Young Avenue is a crown jewel. It is my hope that the gates, along with the installation of the Victorian lighting, will be the beginning of a 'spruce up' for one of the most visited streets in our municipality."

Jim Murphy, Chair of the Point Pleasant Park Advisory Committee, said " These gates provide Point Pleasant Park with one of the most attractive, and certainly one of the most historic entrances, of any public park in Canada. We look forward to them continuing to serve as a symbol of public contribution to our community for generations to come."

The gates were taken down by municipal crew more than a year ago out of concern for their condition at the time and due to the risk of further deterioration because of the weather. They have had regular maintenance over the years, but continued exposure to the elements during the past century has taken its toll on them.

The gates date back to the late 1800's, when Sir William Young, the first Point Pleasant Park Commission Chairman, donated the gates to the Park. They were designed by Edward Elliott, of the Starr Manufacturing Company, in Dartmouth. Sir William decided to include the massive Nova Scotia granite pillars.

The gates were officially put up at a ceremony on Saturday, August 21, 1886. The new avenue created - Young Avenue - was called after Sir William. The gates formed the entrance from the avenue to the park.

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Councillor Sue Uteck
(902) 221-7651

Jim Murphy
Chair, Point Pleasant Park Advisory Committee
(902) 832-1175

Heather Doucette
Public Relations, HRM Millennium Committee
(902) 486-5609

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