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Deputy Mayor Urges Property Owners to be Patient

(Wednesday, February 1/2001)-- Deputy Mayor Jerry Blumenthal today appealed to the citizens of Halifax Regional Municipality to be patient with snow clearing operations in light of the heavy volume of snow to hit the area recently.

Deputy Mayor Blumenthal said that he and many other Councillors are receiving calls from residents, who are upset that their driveways or walkways had been plowed in after they had shovelled them.

The Deputy Mayor said he appreciated the residents' concerns, but municipal snow and ice control crews not only have to clear the streets and roads after last night's snowfall; in many areas they are trying to push back snow mounds to make room for two more snowfalls forecast for the weekend.

"Our crews are doing their best. They are not plowing in driveways to be nasty...they have no other choice. They have to keep the roads cleared and there is even more snow coming. The volume of snow that has fallen this year has been tremendous, " he said.

The Deputy Mayor added " I would suggest that residents, if possible, not shovel out their driveways immediately after the snow plow has made its first pass. It's likely the snow plows will have to make a second or even third pass to clear the streets, so if they (residents) can wait, they'll only have to shovel the one time."

Deputy Mayor Blumenthal said he appreciates that some residents are inconvenienced at times during snow clearing operations, but he urged them to be patient because streets and roads must be kept passable at all times; for public safety, public transit and community transportation access as a whole.

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Deputy Mayor Jerry Blumenthal
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