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(Thursday, March 1/2001)-- A site for the long-awaited sports and lifestyle complex for the Bedford-Fall River area has been selected, Councillors Len Goucher and Gary Hines announced today.

The area Councillors said they have been advised by the Rocky Lake Recreation Association that board members unanimously chose lands located on Duke Street, in Bedford. The site is bordered by the #102 highway, Duke Street and the CP Allen High School.

Dan Sangster, Association chair, said the Duke Street site has a number of advantages over other sites considered for the project.

  • Easy access/egress for the communities the complex will serve (Bedford, Fall River-Waverley, and the Hammonds Plains corridor).
  • Sufficient acreage to build the initial complex and sports fields, but also to accommodate future growth.
  • The complex will form part of the overall group of facilities that the Rocky Lake Development Corporation will be developing on these lands.

Bedford Councillor Len Goucher said the Association has hired the RDI Group, of Halifax, to conduct a random survey (phone and mailout) to determine the kinds of services/facilities the community would like to see offered at the complex.

He said the Board plans to take its direction from the results of the public opinion survey when developing final plans for the complex.

Waverley/Dutch Settlement Councillor Gay Hines said he has been advised the Board is also preparing a tender for a site assessment, and will issue a Call for Proposals for the services of a corporate fundraising company.

Mr. Sangster said the Association will be seeking a meeting with Halifax Regional Council within the next 60 days to solicit its support for the complex and to present its business plan for the venture.

He said the Association has received tremendous support during the past number of months from Councillors Goucher and Hines, Halifax West Member of Parliament Geoff Regan, provincial Community Services Minister Peter Christie and many sports associations in the community.

Councillor Len Goucher
(902) 452-1726

Councillor Gary Hines
(902) 488-4802

Dan Sangster
Rocky Lake Recreation Association
(902) 835-4477

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