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The Pitter Patter Paws Program is Unleashed!

(Monday, April 23/2001) - The Halifax Regional Municipality is holding its first annual Pitter Patter Paws Pet Contest, beginning May 1, 2001.

It will provide an opportunity for HRM dog owner residents to become creative and show off their dogs. Citizens are encouraged to submit personal photographs, short stories, poems or artistic renderings of their cuddly canines for a chance to win cash prizes. Details are available on entry forms.

Lia Avalos, Project Coordinator, HRM Dog Registration, said "Since the inception of the Pitter Patter Paws program last May, HRM has experienced an increase in dog registrations. We hope to see it continue as we strive to take a more pro-active approach to registration compliance."

For those dog owners unable to visit an HRM Customer Service Storefront, HRM Deputy Registrars are visiting the homes of persons who have recently acquired a dog or who have not yet registered their dog with the municipality. They will be handing out contest entry forms, as well as selling dog tags. ( HRM cautions citizens not to purchase dog tags from persons without first seeing proper identification).

HRM By-law Enforcement is stepping up its efforts to ensure all dogs in HRM are registered. Cathie Osborne, Team Leader, General Revenue said "It's not fair to those dog owners who willingly register their pets each year, if we don't deal appropriately with those who do not comply." Penalties for an unregistered dog may be up to $500 (dollars) per incident.
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Lia Avalos
Project Coordinator


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