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Youth Gatherings Causing Vandalism, Late Night Disturbances

(Friday, August 24/2001)-- Residents living near the Conrose Field, off Jubilee Road, in Halifax plan to step up their Neighborhood Watch Program to combat vandalism and late night disturbances by young people gathering in the park.

Councillor Sue Uteck said she is planning to hold a news conference at the field on Monday, August 27th at 11 a.m. with representatives of the Halifax Regional Police and the local community to announce that "area residents want to take their park back."

Councillor Uteck said " There is quite the history of teen gatherings at Conrose Field. We are not opposed to young people using the field for sports activities or other appropriate social gatherings. However, something has to be done about the vandalism and wilful damage to facilities and we have to put an end to the late night gatherings that are disturbing the neighborhood." Recently, considerable damage was caused to the batting cage at the field.

The Councillor said she sent out a letter to area residents in early July and things seemed to quiet down for a while.

"However, it appears that things are back in full swing now," she said.

Councillor Uteck added that there are also parents from another neighborhood who are experiencing similar difficulties with local youths and have similar stories to tell about the Sir Charles Tupper School playground.


Councillor Sue Uteck
(902) 221-7651

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