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Public Service Announcement

Tuesday, January 15/2001 2:30 p.m.

A snowfall warning is in effect for later today, so motorists are reminded not to park their vehicles on streets and roads throughout H-R-M.

Motor vehicles parked on a street that has not been fully cleared of snow or is subject to icing conditions will be ticketed and towed. This restriction applies throughout the year and at any time of day.

Vehicles will be towed from the street whenever the Municipality deems that plowing or salting of streets is necessary. Overnight towing of vehicles will be done during snow storms or icing situations, regardless of whether these conditions were forecast or not. Residents are advised to secure off-street parking and to use it throughout the winter season to avoid being towed as a result of an unpredicted storm or drop in temperature.

Keeping streets that are icy or snow-covered free of vehicles is essential for safe winter maintenance and for providing access for emergency vehicles. Therefore, enforcement of the above regulations will be rigorous and no tolerance will be given.

Please note: An overnight parking ban will continue to be enforced on all streets owned and maintained by the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Public Works.


John O'Brien
HRM Corporate Communications Officer
(902) 490-6531 or cell (902) 452-3846)

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