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Uteck says Inaction by School Board May Result in Injuries

(Wednesday, January 16/2002)-- Councillor Sue Uteck said today the Halifax Regional School Board's failure to clear sidewalks bordering its facilities from snow and ice is putting students and other pedestrians at risk.

Councillor Uteck said she has received complaints from many parents in District 13 and others that sidewalks in front of Halifax schools are not being cleared, and as a result, are hazardous to those walking.

The Councillor said HRM advised the School Board last year that it was the Board's responsibility to ensure that sidewalks bordering school properties were kept free from ice and snow-just as other property owners are required to do so.

"The municipality clears sidewalks bordering its property and I don't see any reason why the School Board should be exempt from the by-laws. I've noticed that walkways from the sidewalks into the schools are cleared, but the Board has to give custodial staff the proper equipment to clear the sidewalks around the school properties. It would be unfair to blame custodial staff.. this is the responsibility of the School Board itself, " she said.

Councillor Uteck said she received many calls from parents this morning, complaining that sidewalks in front of schools were snow-covered and icy as a result of the storm overnight.

"Unfortunately, the parents are unaware that sidewalk clearing is the responsibility of the School Board and the municipality is being unfairly blamed. If the School Board wants to contract HRM to clear its sidewalks, then we should try to work something out. However, we cannot allow the present situation to continue...someone is going to be seriously injured if the Board doesn't act soon, " said Councillor Uteck.

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