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Public Service Announcement

(Friday, February 1/2002)-- A snowfall warning is in effect, so Halifax Regional Municipality cautions residents to take extra care when walking on ice or snow or driving on municipal streets and roads.

HRM urges its citizens to keep the following in mind:

Off-Street Parking

1) Even though the Winter Overnight Parking Ban has been lifted, the provincial Motor Vehicles Act clearly states that vehicles must be parked off-street so as not to interfere with, or obstruct snow removal or winter maintenance operations. That includes when snowfall or icing conditions are forecast; during snow storms or winter freezing periods; and during clean-up operations following storms. Violators will be ticketed and their vehicles will be towed.

Sidewalk Clearing

2) Property owners in the former city of Halifax are reminded that their sidewalks must be clear from ice or snow for a minimum of three feet or the width of the sidewalk and down to the bare pavement within 12 hours after the stop of a snowfall; or in the event a snowfall occurs overnight, six hours after first daylight.


3) Whenever possible, property owners should not shovel out their driveways immediately after the first pass of a snow plow-- it will usually take the plows two to three passes to properly clear streets.

The operators do not plow-in driveways to be nasty-their first responsibility is to keep our streets and roads passable for public safety.


4) Motorists are urged to use extra caution when approaching, or pulling away from intersections, due to high snowbanks at certain locations.


5) Pedestrians are urged to use sidewalks, whenever possible, and to use extra caution should they decide to walk on roadways in traffic.

Halifax Regional Municipality urges it citizens to be patient during this busy winter snow season. Snow and ice control crews are doing their best, trying to provide the best service that they can under unusually tough winter conditions.

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John O'Brien
Corporate Communications Officer
(902) 490-6531

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