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HRM To Implement Program to Eradicate Japanese Beetle From Cornwallis Park

(Friday, April 26,2002) The Canadian Food and Inspection Agency has issued Halifax Regional Municipality with a Notice of Requirement To Treat Or Process for Cornwallis Park. The CFIA have been working in conjunction with the HRM staff, Landscape Nova Scotia and other Industry and Community Partners to develop a Japanese Beetle eradication protocol. Work on the eradication program is scheduled to begin in Cornwallis Park on Tuesday, April 30th.

The cultural and mechanical control component will involve the removal of all sod and soil to a depth of 2" from Cornwallis Park to be completed no later than May 02, 2002. The soil will remain uncovered for 6 - 8 weeks. New sod will be laid and one application of a granular pesticide (active ingredient imadicloprid) watered in to the root system to be completed by July 01, 2002. Turf Masters Landscaping have been contracted to carry out the sod removal and restoration process as well as the pesticide application.

The sod material will be sealed and trucked to the Miller Composting Facility in Burnside where it will be immediately processed. The CFIA will inspect the process both at the park and at the composting facility. Equipment will be washed clean of soil at both locations.

Signage and information pamphlets will be on site in Cornwallis Park as well as available through the CFIA. The pesticide application will comply with regulations and HRM's own pesticide by-law including notice and posting requirements.

The CFIA will conduct ongoing monitoring and surveys as well as a trap-out program. HRM will plant material known to attract adult Japanese Beetle to aid in the effectiveness of the trap-out program.

Every effort will be made to minimize the impact to park visitors. The most noticeable evidence of this program will be the lack of sod / turf in the park for 6 - 8 weeks and the requirement of park users to keep to the hard surface pathways.

CFIA Japanese Beetle Eradication

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Acting Corporate Communications Officer
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