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Williams Lake, Area Wells Given the OK

(Tuesday, June 4/2002)-- The latest test results of water samples taken from Williams Lake and wells in the surrounding area on May 30-31 have been completed and were reviewed by Dr. Robert Strang, Medical Officer of Health for Capital Health District.

Dr. Strang has advised HRM that the lake water is back to a stable level of fecal and total coliforms, consistent with background testing done on local lakes in HRM. He also advised that there was no need for further testing of Williams Lake.

The precautionary boil advisory placed on the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron and Saraguay Club also has been lifted. Testing of a number local wells has revealed that they were not affected by the accidental sewage spill into Williams Lake last week.

Residents are advised that there is always a potential for fecal contamination in the lake water, given storm runoff, duck population and surrounding homes.


John O'Brien
Corporate Communications Officer
(902) 490-6531

Naipal Tomar
Senior Environmental Engineer
Public Works and Transportation Services
(902) 490-6946

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