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Erosion Protection Project Underway in Dartmouth

(Monday, July 15/2002)-- Construction began today on an erosion protection project along a portion of the Ellenvale Run, near Tobin Drive, in Dartmouth.

Ellenvale Run is a watercourse that flows between Lake Lamont/Topsail Lake (near Main Street) and Morris Lake (in Portland Estates). This watercourse is located adjacent to many private properties and crosses numerous streets.

In order to facilitate construction, the water level and flow in Ellenvale Run will be reduced. This will be achieved by temporarily blocking the flow out of Lake Lamont.

Work is expected to be completed on July 19th, and the water level and flow in Ellenvale Run will be returned to normal.

HRM has been in contact with the appropriate regulatory agencies and has obtained all permits required to do this work.


HRM Environmental Right-of- Way Services
(902) 490-6950

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