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Forest Management Project Gets Underway This Week

(Monday, October 28/2002)-- Visitors and regular users of Point Pleasant Park are enjoying the benefits of forest regeneration, especially along Cable Road, off Cambridge Drive.

As a result, Parks staff will be carrying out arboricultural practices to further encourage the growth and development of native species along this roadway. This will involve woodlands approximately 30 feet on either side of the road and follow the natural course of the road.

Where small growth trees are thick and crowding each other; and where many are presently competing for light, nutrients and space; thinning will take place to allow the stronger native specimens to takeover.

This work will be starting later this week , and weather permitting, will be completed within 2 weeks. Park staff urge patrons to be patient during this period, period, because some section of the roadway may have to be closed intermittently.

Arboricultural work is carried out with the utmost respect for the diversity of the forest, and by always employing best practices.


John Simmons
HRM Urban Forester
(902) 490-6186

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