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Municipal Services Returning to Normal After Storm

(Thursday, November 7/2002)-- Snow and ice maintenance crews are continuing plowing operations, but are being hampered in some areas due to downed power lines.

Residents are urged to report downed power lines in their area to Nova Scotia Power.

Motorists are reminded that Section139 of the provincial Motor Vehicle Act states that parked vehicles obstructing snow removal or winter maintenance operations may be removed at the owner's cost--- regardless of time or date.

Parks and Open Spaces employees continuing to remove tree limbs that are partially down or hanging on many streets and roads. They are responding on a priority basis today, and the public is asked to report major limb damage to 490-4000 and all non-emergency situations should be reported to 490-7099.

In cases where limbs or branches off city trees fall on private property, residents are urged to gather the debris and place it between the curb and sidewalk. Crews will be out over the next few weeks to collect these materials.

Transit service is starting to get back to normal now that the peak rush is over. However, there are still a few detours on some routes because of road conditions or downed power lines.

Service has been detoured from Osborne Avenue in Spryfield, because a power line is blocking the road.

Service in the Spikenard area of Woodlawn (Dartmouth) is delayed because of road conditions.

Service in the Karen Drive & Taranaki Drive area of Forest Hills is also delayed because of road conditions.

There are no other serious delays, although some trips on the routes could be running late because of road or traffic conditions.

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John O'Brien
Corporate Communications Officer

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