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Public Service Announcement

Overnight Winter Parking Ban Soon to Go Into Effect

(Wednesday, December 4/2002)-- Now that the winter season is upon us, motorists are reminded that the Overnight Winter Parking Ban will soon be going into effect within the Urban Core Area of the municipality.

It is likely the first major snowfall forecast in December will trigger the implementation of the Overnight Winter Parking Ban. HRM's Traffic Authority will officially declare the ban in effect when weather conditions warrant, and it will be announced through the media at least 48 hours in advance of implementation.

The Overnight Winter Parking Ban prohibits vehicles from being parked on streets and roads between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.

(NOTE: Regardless of the Winter Parking Ban, all vehicle owners in Nova Scotia are still subject to Section 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act, which states that a vehicle may not be left on a street or road in such a manner that it might interfere with, or obstruct, snow removal or winter maintenance (salting) operations. This provincial law is in effect, 24-hours a day, year round.

In other words, if it is snowing or if icing conditions exist; if winter maintenance operations (e.g. snow clearing, salting) are in effect following a snowfall or as a result of icy conditions, vehicle owners are advised to park their vehicles off-street.)


John O'Brien
Corporate Communications Officer
(902) 490-6531

David McCusker
HRM Traffic Authority
(902) 490-6696