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Final Phase of Pesticide By-Law In Effect April 1st

(Monday, March 31/2003)--Although the present weather may not be indicative of warmer spring days to come, the final phase of HRM's Pesticide By-law comes into tomorrow.

As of April 1st, all residential properties in HRM will be affected by the By-law. The full ban will restrict pesticide applications for the maintenance of outdoor trees, shrubs, flowers and other ornamental plants and turf. By-law P-800 has been in place and working since August 2000. This year will see the full ban on outdoor residential pesticide use and the setting aside of the property registry.

However, property owners may still use products included under Administrative Order #23, which include:

Insecticidal soaps and herbicidal soaps
BT (Bacillus thuringiensis)
Other biological control organisms
Animal repellents
Injected tree treatments
Sticky media
Lime sulphur
Ferric phosphate
Pruning paint
Pheromone traps
Pyrethrum (or pyrethrin)
Bordeaux mixture and other sulphur compounds
Dormant and horticultural oils
Diatomaceous earth

For general information about the Pesticide By-law please visit one of the HRM Business Centres or browse: An HRM representative can be reached at 490-4000 or by e-mail at:


Stephen King
, Strategic and Sustainable Resource Management
Environmental Management Services
(902) 490-6188

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