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Pilot Project for Weekly Green Cart Collection This Summer

(Wednesday, May 7/2003)-- Halifax Regional Municipality will conduct a pilot project this summer for weekly green cart (organics) collection in selected areas of Halifax and Dartmouth.

The purpose of the pilot project, to be conducted during the months of July and August in the selected areas, is to evaluate the impact of weekly summer green cart collection, based on citizen participation and customer satisfaction. The project begins July 7th and ends August 29th.

Organic carts will be collected weekly in three collection areas within the former cities of Halifax and Dartmouth. They include:

1) The Tuesday collection area of Halifax, which is the area north of Cogswell Street/ Quinpool Road and east of Windsor Street.

2) The Thursday collection area of Halifax, bounded by Joseph Howe Drive, from Bedford Basin to the Bicentennial Highway, west of the streets off Hamshaw Drive to the former Town of Bedford limit.

3)The Thursday collection area of Dartmouth, bounded by Portland Street ,( inclusive of streets in Manor Park between Joffre Street and both sides of Celtic Drive,) Mount Pleasant Drive, Eastbrook Avenue, and the east side of Wyse Road to Geary Street.

Another neighbourhood in the former city of Halifax which will serve as a Control Area, to which the pilot project areas will be compared and contrasted. The Control Area will not receive weekly green cart collection, but will continue to receive bi-weekly green cart collection in July and August. The area is west of Windsor Street, north of Quinpool Road/Jubilee Road and east of Dutch Village Road/Joseph Howe Drive.

For more information on the pilot project, please contact the HRM Corporate Call Centre at 490-4000.


John O'Brien
Corporate Communications Officer
(902) 490-6531

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