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Warshick Says HRM Bid Would Have Cost Less

(Wednesday, June 11/2003)-- Councillor Brian Warshick said today the Halifax Regional Municipality's bid for the 2010 Commonwealth Games looks better and better each day as the cost of Hamilton's bid continues to rise.

Councillor Warshick said he was shocked to learn the latest details of costs associated with Hamilton's bid to host the 2010 Games. The Federal government recently announced it would provide a commitment of $250 million dollars, a figure the Ontario Provincial government said it would match.

The Councillor said it was his understanding that HRM's unsuccessful bid was about $400 million, while the Hamilton bid topped $600 million. However, the Hamilton figure has already climbed to over $715 million and the Games haven't even been awarded yet. Hamilton is competing against New Delhi for the 2010 bid, which is to be announced in Jamaica in November

Councillor Warshick says HRM was told one of the major reasons its bid against Hamilton fell short was a lack of existing infrastructure.

"Last week's announcement outlines $340 million dollars in new and upgraded sports facilities. One of the projects was a new $150 million dollar , 42,000 seat stadium. Can you imagine what a stadium at half the cost and half the size would mean to a municipality like HRM? How many other facilities are going to be replaced in Hamilton, as opposed to the ones cited to be used in the original Hamilton bid ?" he asked.

Councillor Warshick admits that if the Games bid had been awarded to HRM, the Province of Nova Scotia could not match that size of matching federal funding.

"However, can you imagine what $250 million dollars in Federal sport money would do not just for HRM, but if it was shared for all Atlantic Canada? Hockey rinks and swimming pools in communities that could never afford them; new football, soccer, rugby, baseball, softball and lacrosse fields as well as hiking and bike trails galore. That size commitment here in the four Atlantic Provinces would have an impact for generations to come. Regardless of the outcome, surely the Federal government must see that our (HRM) turn is next," he said.

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