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Tenants Urged to Consider Insurance

( Thursday, June 26/2003)-- District 12 Councillor Dawn Sloane is urging persons living in rental accommodations to consider purchasing household insurance coverage.

Councillor Sloane said there have been a number of apartment/rooming house fires in her District during the past number of months, and many tenants lost all of their possessions and were left homeless as a result.

The latest fire took place last week at an apartment on Cogswell Street. Earlier this month, more than 30 people were left homeless as a result of a fire at Hillside Apartments, on South Street. In February, more than 20 people were left homeless when fire destroyed a block of buildings on Gottingen Street.

"The fire, police and Red Cross did a wonderful job in all of these cases, and thankfully, there were no lives lost. But after all was said and done, most of these tenants had no insurance coverage and lost everything in the blaze. As a result, they have to start over from scratch. Some things can't be replaced, but at least if they had insurance, they would be able to replace the essentials and get on with their lives," she said.

Councillor Sloane said household or apartment insurance is relatively inexpensive-- about $15 or the cost of one large pizza a month-- and those who rent their accommodations should seriously consider taking out such policies.


Councillor Dawn Sloane
(902) 488-4812

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