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Herald Article Contains Inaccurate Information

(Tuesday, August 12/2003)-- An article entitled "Humidity, mulch help fuel ant increase," which was published in today's edition of The Chronicle-Herald contained some non-factual information.

The article stated that HRM's Pesticide By-law was contributing to the ant infestation problems this summer; however, the Pesticide By-law is specific to the outdoor maintenance of trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, turf, and other ornamental plants on residential and municipally-owned properties. It does NOT apply to other uses of pesticides, such as foundation treatments for ants, sow bugs, etc.

This information regarding the by-law has been communicated to the public in HRM's fact sheets, brochures, in newspaper advertisements, on the municipal web site, and in its Naturally Green newsletter, which is distributed quarterly to approximately 150,000 households throughout HRM.

Information in the article regarding the physiological nature of ants may not be overly accurate. In wet weather, ant colonies actually will relocate their nests to higher and drier locations. In fact, you will often see them building nests up against a tree or shrub to elevate them. For further information, reporters may want to consult with a local entomologist, i.e., Andrew Hebda at the N.S. Museum of Natural History, or Eric Georgeson at NSDNR .You may also visit our web site at and follow the Naturally Green links to the Pesticide By-law .

Comments in the article that mulch contributes to the ant problem is also misleading . The benefits of mulch far exceed any problems, and it is more of a question of the type, quality, use and thickness of the mulch. Reporters may wish to discuss this issue with Landscape Nova Scotia, who has an excellent reference guide on topsoil, compost, mulch use, etc.


Stephen King
Manager-Senior Advisor
Environmental Management Services , HRM
(902) 490-6188

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