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Councillor Working With Board to Establish Business Commission

(Tuesday, September 2/2003)-- Councillor Jim Smith said today he supports the Burnside business community's efforts to establish an official commission to address local business concerns and promote new positive growth in Burnside Park.

Councillor Smith said an interim committee is establishing the Greater Burnside Business Commission to ensure the positive growth and development of the largest business park east of Montreal. This group is comprised of numerous volunteers from the businesses of Burnside, local residents, municipal and provincial representatives.

The group believes that real economic and social change will only happen with the commitment and the involvement of all of the business community in the Burnside Park. As a result, it plans to incorporate the Greater Burnside Business Commission with a mandate to develop Burnside as "a superior environment for consumers, employees and business owners."

Councillor Smith said the Interim Board for the commission plans to approach Halifax Regional Council to seek approval for a tax levy in that area to support the work of the Greater Burnside Business Commission. Similar models are in place to support the Downtown Halifax Business Commission, The Capital District East Business Commission and other municipal economic development commissions across Nova Scotia and Canada.

Michele Reid, a member of the Interim Board, said "Each of these groups speaks for their area and works with the municipality and the province for the betterment of their business communities. Burnside deserves similar representation."

Public safety, planning and development, transit, solid waste collection and a number of other issues in the Park were raised during a public meeting in May.

Another meeting regarding the establishment and incorporation of the Greater Burnside is scheduled September 17th , 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. at the Park Place Ramada Hotel.


Councillor Jim Smith
(902) 229-8887

Michelle Reid
Greater Burnside Business Commission
(902) 481-8800

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